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Welcome to Next Generation Software. This page contains information on our shareware utilities as well as links to download fully functional evaluation versions. We are constantly improving our programs so drop by often. The latest versions of our software will be posted here as soon as they become available!

We just finished relocating our business offices to Dewittville, NY. We are sorry that our respone time was slow during the transition. Click here for more information on our move, including our new mailing address.

Spell Check 3.8b

Never send another email message with embarrassing spelling errors again! Originally released in 1993, Spell Check was one of the first spell checkers designed for email messages. Spell Check 3.8 includes a powerful 120,000 word dictionary and works with over 20 applications including America Online, WinCIM, Eudora Lite, and Netscape Navigator. Click here to learn more about Spell Check (including links to download a fully functional evaluation version). If you currently using a registered version of Spell Check click here to learn how to upgrade.

Edgar to Word Wizard 1.3 (released July 1996)

The Internet has dramatically changed the investment landscape. Do you want to cut through the hype and really learn about publicly traded companies? The Security and Exchange Commission's EDGAR Database contains regulatory filings for all publicly traded companies (financial statements, management's discussion of results, initial public offerings, etc.). Read the same information Wall Street professionals use to make their investment decisions.

The EDGAR database is a fantastic free resource. Unfortunately, the SEC requires companies to file their reports using special formatting that renders the reports (especially the financial statements) unprintable. This Word for Windows Wizard converts files obtained from EDGAR using the World Wide Web to Word for Windows Documents. Click here to learn more about the Edgar to Word Wizard (including links to download a fully functional evaluation version).

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